About Us

ARS Park; Kids Playground, children play groups

We know that when you will examine this catalogue, as usual we will be working to offer you the best with the excitement inside us one again...

When we stepped in the sector, there was always the determination of attaining the same objective and being the best... We are working with a continuously improving success rate because of our experiences in the sector, our forward -looking works about children's games on which you have a sensitive structure, our quality products and workmanship and the confidence we gave you.

We are all one consciousness about that basic condition to grow in business is satisfaction of customer; and aimed to produce solutions for all the problems of sector by working day and night in order to reach our endeavor and great effort at the perfect conclusions. We have always been with you not only in the sales and production phase, but also after sales.

We adapted a good quality and perfect understanding of service as a principle with our aesthetic design in parallel with the developing technology in sector and with our team spirit which aimed at permanent development and success.

We have justified pride of winning a name for our country in the worldwide by increasing our performance within a very short period of time with some positive criticism from you. We will continue to contribute to the establishment of future architecture in good quality and aesthetic structures in our country.

İn the direction of today's expectations, production of children's games groups and urban furniture started in 2002 as a hobby became primary production branch of our company towards 2005.

We, the ARS Park A.Ş render service with a large product range in this sector which we entered in 2005. Our company that manufactures 100% home products still displays activity in the sector of children's games groups, outdoor sports equipments, and urban furniture.

When coming to 2012, we the ARS Park A.Ş shall continue to provide service for you in our new facilities consisting of 5.800 m2 closed area and 10,000m2 open area.

ARS Park A.Ş that is one of the 4 companies within the structure of ARS GROUP strengthened its position in sector due to its leading activities within the framework of social responsibility.

We assured our large products range such as children's games groups, outdoor sports equipments, rope based gaming systems and urban furniture that in compliance with the aesthetical architecture of today by the means of with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, TS EN 1176-2, TS EN 1176-3, TS EN 1176-4, TS EN 1176-5, TS EN 1176-6, TS EN 1176-11, TS 12427, TSEKK17, TS EN 7941 and TSEK certificates.

Our 2015 motto "The venue meeting dream with reality"; this year we signed many first at new generation game groups.

We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to our esteemed employees, esteemed customers and to all the people of our country adopted ARS Park A.Ş., who contributed or are contributing to this process.



Chairman of the Board of Directors